The Dormition or Assumption of Mary.

The Blessed Assumption
The Blessed Assumption.

Mary Assumes into Heaven.

The Dormition of Mary.
The Dormition of Mary.


The Catholic Church worldwide celebrates with the Heavens the day of the Assumption.
According to the Protoevangelion of St. James, Mary was received body and soul into heaven thus not facing corruption of the earth. And so as the name of church bears this name, it is believed(as I hope it shall be confirmed by the Vatican some day-Please this is just a hint) our church is the “ASSUMED SITE” where she actually assumed into heaven. Thus also may be true to those who bear the name: Church of the Assumption across Nigeria and Worldwide. For as Jesus appeared to more than 500 brothers at the same time, so it could be true-by faith- that our mother perhaps actually performed hers on our land. Even though your mind may be racing if this a fact, it thus should prepare oneself that such is a celebration too great a solemnity to behold.

Mary's Assumption.
Mary’s Assumption.

Thus on behalf of our Church and the Youths of this Parish as well as its outstations, we wish the Most Holy, Apostolic, One, True and Universal Church a merry filled celebration as we reflect with these pictures.

At the Church of the Assumption, Askoro, the Mass shall be at 12 noon with the Cardinal and archbishop of Abuja celebrating. Then follows the dedication of the Cultural Library and the colorful sight of the Various Cultural group showcasing what it takes to be envied in a God-related tribe and language.