We are the Youths of the Assumption.

This is the blog where all you need to know as an Organization especially in Parish, Deanery and Archdiocesan news is freely disposed to you as we update, inform, guide, pray and socialize with you thereby bringing out that youthful valor and motivation in you.

For God and for Youth... ... Through Christ!
A few of the CYON Members.

As you stick around with us, we implore you to assist in every way other as we rub minds to give the Archdiocese a charming perception it aspires in. In this forum, there is our contact info, Our Exco’s information, news around the parishes and its outstations; Deanery and Archdiocesan news, Links about the Archdiocese; Social platforms to identify with other than this blog and much other packages of interesting stuffs beyond your wildest imagination.

So on behalf of the Parish, Members and the Officers, YOU are indeed welcome to this blog.