This Undicussed Topic called Abortion

By Fr. Mark A. Pilon from The Catholic Thing: Sunday, January 29, 2017 For EWTN’s coverage of the 44th March for Life, there was a calculator on screen showing the number of deaths by abortion worldwide as the program proceeded. The coverage started at 9 AM, and by 10 AM the number was already over 5200. Which […]

via 45-Million Aborted Children: Only a Statistic? —

How long will this continue. Parents are dying to face the recognition of Society’s demands laments for the joy of Children and here is one willingly deleting a child before it is brought to existence. How Ironic!

If only the distraught person could tilt to the option of giving birth in our Country, only then such person would come to value the gift of motherhood as she may see herself as the celebrity in the eyes of Couples waiting for the wind of a baby-in-waitng of a baby-forgotten.


Please let us pray for the Aborted Children and those(girls and ladies) whose only solution is to discard the gift that they have borne irrespective of their challenges and circumstances.


Happy Monday!


Author: CYON Asokoro

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