Who we Are!

*The Catholic Church* Before 1517, every Christian was Catholic. As such, today we know that: If you are Lutheran then your Church was founded by Fr Martin Luther in Germany in 1517. If you are Menonite, your Church was founded by Grebel, Mantz and Blaurock, in 1525. If you are Anglican, then your Church…

via This is who we are: The Catholic Church  — Authors-choice

Whenever one asks you to defend your church- no matter how little or much you know your history-what do you do about it.

Let us step out in faith as we build in us the the spark of love and want of belonging in this community of God rooted from the beginning-The Apostles.

This is the little Youth drive in you that is the mustard seed of being rich in the Creation of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Happy Sunday!


Author: CYON Asokoro

A Catholic Organization that showcases events, news and all related information about the Parish and the Archdiocese

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