How Well Do You Know Your Parish.

This sounds odd. I am a well known person in the parish. My parents founded it and infact I know how it started. All these does not make you know the parish for if one cares to know, there are certain things to align yourself with. Sometimes, this very things are taken for granted because it is supposed to be relegated as the least important things when in fact it should be the top-list.


Or I have become a dedicated person in the Church, all the pious society knows me because I contribute generously apart from offerings and tithes. This too isn’t enough for there are converts who do more and refuse to be acknowledged.

But what takes one to KNOW HIS/HER PARISH?

Here are some steps to know or guide you that your parish in under your reach.

  1. Contact Details: It is not surprisingly for an average person hardly knows the accurate address of his or her own residence(this is not to insult or degrade the person) not to talk of adding the address of the parish to mind. Rather, we are good with describing where but not accurate in the detail proper address of the church.

Let’s give an assistance: One is not comfortable in saying:”Church of the Assumption. NO.2, Kwame Nkrumah Crescent, Asokoro Abuja.” Rather, this seems to be the ideal: “Church of the Assumption, Asokoro. It is along Ecowas Road if you’re coming from A.Y.A or  Along Power House Road.
It is the former that is right in speech or writing as the latter is used for explanations or directions to get to the place is the obvious conversation after doing the needful.

Queen of the Assumption

2.Name of Parish.

Often than necessary, this seems to be one of the most neglected but vital detail that unites, exposes one to his church or the faithful. Many a times, this  is likened to be “just a name” and nothing more.

But the true actual terms, the name of parish disposes and enlightens one, especially the youthful parishioner of the history, why the name is chosen and how the congregation-i.e him/herself as well as other people-came about to choose that name so as to boost their prayer life and perhaps miraculous event that led to the name before the building began.


Take for instance: The Church of the Assumption Parish, Asokoro was chosen because the owner of the land who gave it to the church(though late), gave it around the Solemnity of the Assumption. Also, the dedication was done on the same day and members began fellowship and praying in the church when it became a Parish on this day.   And like many other churches it sprang from a station church to a Parish and now hosts many vibrant and strong filled Catholics and Priest administrators.
Thus one should know deeply well how and not having a faint history that the name just propped up as an unanimous agreement or of random choices.


  1. The Parish Pastoral Council

This is another vital yet valuable information people especially youth take for granted. True, this information is published in the bulletins with their names but it does not end there. For these are humans as well but endowed with special God-given characters that makes them stand out from the species of humans. Besides their names-Full names- their other details should also be considered and got. These could be: Family Tree(and how if possible, the link to your family tree either by marriage, school or Social bonding) is linked; Their School(s) of Thought; Favorite Food, Films, Books and Saints; Turn-ons and Turn-offs; Kinds of Friends and Social/Health Standpoints, etc.

And who are the Pastoral Council?
It is not only the Priests but also the Catechists, Reverend Sisters and Secretaries or staff that build up the parish for the easy delegation of functions for the Chief Shepherd of the Archdiocese- the Bishop or Archbishop.



Let us try to get used to the norm and spread the word so as to be that vibrant youth waiting to become the instrument for the Church.

Next time we shall treat The Laity Council, The Signature of the Organizations accepted by the Archdiocese and why; and Why you should know the History of your church.


Till then, let us put this in use!




Author: Young Tony

Anthony or Uniquely Mustered is an ambivalent person born to the Family of Mr. and (Late) Mrs. M.N. Onyeador. He hails from Abia State and a Graduate of Psychology. He is a detribalized person, witty and sometimes quiet. Most times he's so weird that he is hardly predicted by those around him and to himself. Tony is a Multitasking person who can engage in two or more things he loves doing of which can be Reading, Listening to Music and Movies, Interacting, Writing etc. Uniquely Mustered is a blog about various perspectives of ideas subcategorized into: Articles, Literature( comprising of Poems, Novels, Media) and Faith Related Issues(broadly on Religious Matters most dominantly Catholic).

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