Know about your History of Catholicism in Nigeria

wikiaudio Nigeria, together with Congo Democratic Republic, boasts of the highest number of priests in Africa. The boom in vocation to the priesthood in Nigeria is mainly in the eastern part (especially among the Igbo ethnic group) which accounts for over 70 percent of the country’s Catholic population.The second papal visit to the country in…

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The Homily on the Saving Water by Fr. Martin Flatman.

Every now and then a little fantasy slips into my mind. If only I had a few million pounds then all my problems would disappear. Maybe you have it too? When we come to our senses we realise that being rich or good-looking would not really make us happy. Rich people can mask their sadness […]

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Why Preachers Quit

I once heard the story of a preacher who quit the ministry after twenty years and became a funeral director. When asked why he made the change, he replied, “Well, I spent three years trying to straighten out Fred, and Fred is still an alcoholic. And I spent six months trying to straighten out Susan’s […]

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Catholics Vs. Protestants.

The Study of Christianity on Mar 14, 2017. Conversion story: A Calvinist, Kreeft regarded the Catholic Church “with the utmost suspicion”.[7] A key turning point was when he was asked by a Calvinist professor to investigate the claims of the Catholic Church that it traced itself to the early Church. He said that on his…

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This Undicussed Topic called Abortion

By Fr. Mark A. Pilon from The Catholic Thing: Sunday, January 29, 2017 For EWTN’s coverage of the 44th March for Life, there was a calculator on screen showing the number of deaths by abortion worldwide as the program proceeded. The coverage started at 9 AM, and by 10 AM the number was already over 5200. Which […]

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How long will this continue. Parents are dying to face the recognition of Society’s demands laments for the joy of Children and here is one willingly deleting a child before it is brought to existence. How Ironic!

If only the distraught person could tilt to the option of giving birth in our Country, only then such person would come to value the gift of motherhood as she may see herself as the celebrity in the eyes of Couples waiting for the wind of a baby-in-waitng of a baby-forgotten.


Please let us pray for the Aborted Children and those(girls and ladies) whose only solution is to discard the gift that they have borne irrespective of their challenges and circumstances.


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Who we Are!

*The Catholic Church* Before 1517, every Christian was Catholic. As such, today we know that: If you are Lutheran then your Church was founded by Fr Martin Luther in Germany in 1517. If you are Menonite, your Church was founded by Grebel, Mantz and Blaurock, in 1525. If you are Anglican, then your Church…

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Whenever one asks you to defend your church- no matter how little or much you know your history-what do you do about it.

Let us step out in faith as we build in us the the spark of love and want of belonging in this community of God rooted from the beginning-The Apostles.

This is the little Youth drive in you that is the mustard seed of being rich in the Creation of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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Islam and Abraham Connection

By Howard Kainz at The Catholic Thing: Thursday, January 26, 2017 For most non-Muslims and Westerners, Islam is a religion which was founded in the 7th century by the Prophet Muhammad, spread throughout the Middle East, Asia, and the Mediterranean area (including many European countries), and is now in a state of flux, making inroads in […]

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This is a sneak peak of how Father Abraham and the Islam. At least one can point this religion to Abraham.


So where did the Violence become a blueprint of their worship?